​Motorized retractable Screens, Fabric and Vinyl for patios, porches, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels appear with the touch of a button and retract out of sight when no longer needed. Designed to enclose any outdoor living space, our custom made and professionally installed retractable screens can provide shade from the sun, natural ventilation, climate control, protection from insects or  privacy – all without blocking your view.

Completely customized to your specific application, Your patio drop shades can be mounted onto an existing structure or recessed into walls and ceiling cavities during the construction phase. Select from a variety of mesh or fabric options, standard or custom-matched frame colors, and optional wind sensors to retract screens in response to weather conditions.

RETRACTABLE Suntex80 Screen

Ideal where bugs are a problem, insect mesh keeps mosquitoes and other pesky insects out
Reduces up to 55% of UV rays
Features a higher openness factor, meaning more natural airflow and breeze
Maintains plenty of visibility to the outside so that you can continue to enjoy your view

Retractable Suntex90 Screen

Reduces heat and glare by up to 80%, creating more shade and protecting furniture, drapes, and carpets from fading
Similar to the Suntex80, Suntex90 will also keep mosquitoes and other insects away
Due to their lower openness factor, Suntex90 do not allow as much airflow though. This may work to your advantage if you have an air-conditioned patio or outdoor area, but keep in mind that you will feel less of a natural breeze with these than the Suntex90.

Retractable Suntex95 Screen
Privacy is about almost complete this screen is special for that places where is raining and cover from insects
Blocks up to 100% of UV 


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